Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Remarkable Quote on Marriage

Here is a thought from John MacArthur that I found in a book I'm reading:

"No person deserves salvation, forgiveness, and a place in God’s kingdom, but Christ made the greatest sacrifice for the most unworthy people. The contrast is incredible: An absolutely holy, righteous God made the greatest, most magnanimous sacrifice for the vilest of all people. Husbands, don’t tell me about your wife’s problems that make it hard to love her – you’re not far removed from your wife as God was from sinners, yet He loved you. Your wife may be a sinner, but so are you. Don’t lose that perspective. "

He goes on to say,

"Men who explain away their difficult marriages by claiming they no longer love their wives are being disobedient to God’s command."

Taken from Devine Design by John MacArthur

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