Monday, February 20, 2006

Who Can Know the Mind of God

That question is so hard to understand. My mind draws a blank trying to conceive such an answer. Who can know the mind of God? The mind of God could never be understood. The mind that thought a thought and the universe was created. How can you or I ever estimate the knowledge contained in the mind of God? The mind of God, it con­trols the sun and the moon. At His thought, the world could end. The mind of God controls our world, saves our souls, and at the same moment ponders the praise of His angels. Oh, the mind of God, it made you and me. To the very smallest insect to the greatest mountain known to man, it all came from the mind of God. He thought it all. He thought of us way before He even made the universe. Who can know the mind of God? No one. The mind of God, how great, how mighty, how holy. I wonder what He is thinking now. No one really knows, but He knows every hair on our head, every tear we’ve cried, and He never forgets small things such as those. Oh, how great the mind of God. The mind that opened the Red Sea wants us to open our hearts to Him. The mind that caught a bush on fire wants our lives to be on fire for Him. The mind that had to decide to give His Son’s live for us wants us to give our lives for him. Oh, the mind of God, I will never know the mind of God, but I know that I am on His mind and so are you.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Remarkable Poem


Plans fail.
Hearts break.
Minds forget.
Bodies ache.
Love fades.
Faith goes.
Hope dies.
Dreams disappear.
Days end.

But there’s tomorrow.
2004 Mark Edward Leslie January 02, 2004

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Remarkable Quote

Read the best books first
or you may not have a chance
to read them all.
~Henry David Thoreau~