Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Angels Were Waiting

Standing on an edge of a cloud,
Thousands of Angels are gathered 'round.
Thoughts of fear go through their heads.
The scene below has them scared.

The Angels are ready with their weapons in hand.
They may have to help the One with nails in His hands.
They wait for a cry of help from below.
He should have called them long ago.

He hasn't given in, but He's growing weak.
The crown of thorns has sent blood down His cheeks.
He hangs there one hour after another.
People say He's no better than any other.

He raises his chin from off His chest.
He looks down upon all the rest.
With the power He has left, He speaks.
Words we still hear that make our hearts weak.

It is finished. It is finished.
No more, no less; that's all He said.
The Angels look sad, but they know it had to be done.
That was the whole purpose of God's only begotten Son.