Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Saving While Shopping

Here are four easy ways to save money on your groceries:

1. Don't Go Often
The more you go the more you spend. Try to limit your trips to once a week or longer if possible. Plan ahead!

2. Use Coupons
Use coupons as much as you can. But be careful, companies use coupons to get you to buy things that you normally don’t. There are still places that will double the coupon values.

3. Price Match
This is where we save the most. We get the local sales ads from all the grocers in town and make a list of the best prices. Once we complete our list, we are off to Wal-Mart. They will match all competitors’ ads.

4. Go Without the Children
This idea just gives you more time and patience to find the best deals. When you children are with you, they encourage you to grab and go. Without them you have the time to get what you need and think through your purchases.

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